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“Lize Kruger‘s artistic process fully explains the simile we propose between alchemists and artists. As an alchemist, Lize Krüger tries to create new worlds, through her works: loss, mental health, and abuse are the main topics of her artistic investigation and she manages to transform these delicate subjects into the divine. Her work reminds us that vulnerability should be embraced and cherished.” - ITSLIQUID

“We are so lucky to be taken into your world of art. It is, not only, challenging, thought-provoking, but also, aesthetically pleasing. Lize your deeply personal and courageous explorations help other souls to start the journey to healing. Thank you.” - Thomas Tervyt

“Love your work. Intense, but so fragile…” - Hieronymus Brink

“And so with your remarkable talent Lize, I SEE  the words…
IMAGINE the fragile ground, the gap in the air…
Thank you  ” - Sandra Louw

“Lize Krüger, your writings and honest, so fragile, with awe and wonder. Thank you." - Petrus Kuhne

“I am in tears, there are no words 
for such cruelty. your artwork is expressing the
unspeakable “- Celia de Villiers

“We are witnessing terrible
human destruction- of the innocents-a travesty of brutality. Your art is beautiful and effective.” - Barbara Tyler


In 2009 I made a series of paintings for myself about my late son. While working on it, I was visited daily by a little Red Robin. The confirmation and comfort it brought to me are still compelling whenever I look at these works.

On another occasion, I had to meet a member of The Lost Gardens Of Heligan’s management. We walked through the gardens and discussed their planned commission for The Centenary Celebrations for 2018’s Remembrance Day. A little Robin followed me for the last part of the tour. When I stopped, he stopped. I experienced something magical during those moments. It was as if my son was accompanying and guiding me through these discussions. Because of his presence, I knew that the commission would be mine.

And to end this story with a full circle, the evening of the exhibition, almost two years later, guess who appeared despite an extremely stormy evening?


Because of this, the Robin has a special meaning to me. At the most significant moments in my life, the Robin will always make an appearance. Being a symbol of resurrection and Life After Death, to see one of these little beauties always manages to lift my spirit.


My care and passion for children and the vulnerable in society drive me to address injustices and abuse against them. In 2007 I created a body of work focusing on child abuse. The theme covered the physical to the mental and verbal abuse they suffered at the hands of their so-called protectors. In 2008, I lost my only son to suicide, which hugely defined me and my work. 


In 2013/14, I was involved with young female rape victims,  all under the age of  17, who were under the court's protection. I offered art as therapy to these very traumatised girls. Together with my personal loss, this exposure had a significant impact on me as a woman, mother, and artist.


Due to these experiences, my work focuses primarily on social and political injustices. Throughout history, artists continued to be the conscience of governments. I feel responsible for addressing this, no matter if the message reaches them or not. I find it impossible to stand in apathy when I witness any atrocities. I also try to create awareness about the long-term effect of injustice, war, and abuse on humanity.  The given outcome can manifest as mental health and suicide. I am on a mission to rid it of all established stigma. For sufferers, more pain can be created by the public's lack of compassion and understanding.  We need to talk about these things to achieve any healing. 

ArtMarket Gold List Award - Lize Kruger.jpg
Winner Collectors Vision International Art Award
ATIM Collectors Choice Award.jpeg
Lize Kruger - Award Winning Artist
Lize Kruger - Special Merit 11th All Woman Art Exhibition
Circle Foundation Certificate of Artistic Excellence - Lize Kruger - July 2021
Contemporary Art Curator Magazine Power of Creativity Art Prize
Luxembourg Art Prize 2022 - Lize Kruger.jpg
Circle Foundation for the Arts Award - Lize Kruger.jpeg
ArtMarket Top Contemporary Artists of today 2021 - Lize Kruger
MADS Art Gallery Diploma Honorificus - L
Florence Biennale Art Design Participant Lize Kruger
People & Paintings Gallery Certificate
People & Paintings Gallery Award
CFA Artist Badge
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