“I attach deep meaning to the appearance of the Robin in my life.

Apart from being a universal symbol of change, growth, and renewal, it always shows up when I need support and courage.”


-Lize Krüger

The relationship between Lize and the robin is parallel to the relationship between the beholder and her art.


Lize Krüger has the ability to evoke emotion with every brushstroke. Her artwork invites the spectator to realize that something fragile can, in truth, hold so much power.


Loss, mental health, and abuse are at the forefront of Lize's artwork. She manages to transform delicate subjects into the divine. Her work reminds us that vulnerability should be embraced and cherished.  


And so, the work you behold becomes a symbol of change, growth, and renewal.



 1984 - BA Fine Arts, NW University, South                   Africa
 1987 - Receive Gregoire Boonzaaier Merit                     Award
 1987 - Group exhibition, TOTAL Gallery, JHB, SA
 1987 - New Signature Group Exhibition
 1988 - Participate in Volkskas Atelier                           Competition, Pretoria, SA
 1989 - Work utilised in Volkskas Calender
 1989 - First Solo Exhibition, Vanderbijlpark, SA
 1989 - Second Solo Exhibition, Pretoria Art                   Society, SA
 1990-2005 - Numerous Group Exhibitions

                 - Various Solo Exhibitions

 2007 - Eighth Solo Exhibition, DEVOLUTION,                  UPSTAIRS@BAMBOO, Melville, JHB, SA
 2011 - Ninth Solo Exhibition, FRAGMENTATION,              UPSTAIRS@BAMBOO, Melville, JHB, SA
 2013 - 2014 - Art Therapy Classes at UITKOMS,                       Centre for Rape Victims, JHB, SA

 2018 - Commission, IN THEIR NAME, Lost                       Gardens of Heligan, Cornwall, UK

  -SASOL Art Collection - Hong Kong
  -VESCO Art Collection, Vanderbijlpark, SA
  -SASOL SHUMAM, Germany
  -Various Private Collections in SA, Canada          and UK


"Lize and I met under a jewel-like blue winter sky at the heart of our gardens. The whole experience
of the day sparkled. It was one of those encounters when neither was lost for words - or for shared
understanding - for a single moment. I have never felt such certain trust in a commission… but this
was only one of the numerous responsibilities Lize had already taken on, drawing on her own experience
in her artistic expressions of the tragedies of others. She has the gift of substantiating loss in diverse
pieces riven both with raw emotion and exquisite beauty, pioneering a range of materials and
techniques that might amplify the expression of shocking human trauma. Her mission through
innovative creativity is to discover what lies deep in the soul; to give flight to pain."

-Candy Smit
 The Lost Gardens of Heligan

 United Kingdom

"As a fellow artist, I had the great privilege of opening one of Lize Krüger’s art exhibitions. Her art filled the space and transformed it into something ethereal.
She filled all the rooms with a kaleidoscope of emotion and colour that swept me away. She has the ability to express the most complex and intimate subjects on so many levels, making the intangible tangible.
Subjects that most artists shy away from, with honesty and integrity that touch the viewer in their gut.... I was riveted by them.
I was awed by her technical brilliance. Her use and blending of multiple techniques were so original, so thought-provoking. Full of interest and excitement.
Having mastered her technical skill she is able to manipulate and express many layers of emotion.
Simonides, the 500 BC Greek poet, said: “Painting is silent poetry”.
Indeed all her “poems” have stayed with me. Tender and touching poems."

-Sheila Jarvis

 Visual Artist

 South Africa

"Lize Krüger ~ een van ons top kunstenaars ~ wat woon in Brittanje ~ praat oor haar werk ~ temas wat sosiale kommentaar lewer. Sy bemoei haar met ernstige onderwerpe soos selfdood, geestelike gesondheidskwessies, kindermishandeling, verkragting, die vlugteling-kwessie en Covid-19. Wat ‘n brawe kunstenaar en wat ‘n ongelooflike denkproses wat in elke werk ingaan. Lees gerus. Baie geluk, Lize. Jy inspireer my."

-Marguerite van Wyk

"Lize Krüger’s work invites the viewer to join a beautiful and chaotic journey into the human soul and psyche. Each of Lize's aesthetic choices ignites the courage to look into fear's eyes and discover hope and the beauty of existence and nature itself."

-Tammy Mike Laufer

L i z e  K r ü g e r  

F i n e  A r t

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