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The Nautilus is considered a 'living fossil' that has survived in earth's oceans for the last 500 million years
before there were fish or dinosaurs. 

The Nautilus is a deep diver and can go to depths as deep as 2000 feet during the day to avoid predators and come to shallow depths during the night to hunt for prey. 


The nautilus is also a symbol of strength because it can withstand very high pressures in the ocean. It is thought that the shell can dive up to 2,600 feet or 800 meters before its shell will implode. 


In conclusion, the nautilus is a reminder to us never to stop learning, growing and expanding our view of the world. And because it is in the shape of a Golden Ratio spiral, it reminds us that our own bodies contain the Golden Ratio and that we are all part of a greater whole.

The nautilus snail-like shell is a perfect spiral and reflects the larger order of the universe. 
It presents one of the finest natural examples of a logarithmic spiral. 
'Spira mirabilis' is the Latin name for this type of spiral and it means "miraculous spiral. 

This spiral resembles the distant galaxies and hurricanes spirals. 

Sacred Geometry is an ancient science and it is based on geometric patterns found in nature.

It is the basis of the Universe and found in everything: from our very small DNA to the Cosmic Galaxies we are in. 

It is said that Nautilus shell spiral is the Golden mean Spiral it’s one of those mysterious natural numbers that seems to arise out of the basic structure of our cosmos, the symbol of unfolding life mysteries. 

The Golden Mean is found in the ancient architecture of buildings and was used to connect 
with the Higher energy of Spirit Realms through prayer. 

The spiral of the nautilus represents the expansiveness of awareness and the evolution of consciousness. 

Shells come from the Ocean, which is connected to the Moon and Feminine aspect as well as closely related to intuition. 

Nautilus medicine teaches how to tap into own intuitive abilities and let go of past emotions that don't serve us well. 

Because they are living fossils and are so ancient in nature they have a connection with the past. 
The lessons they teach is to let go of the past that was traumatic with wisdom and compassion and embrace the present moment with joy so we can create a bright abundant future. 

Nautilus via its spiralled shape teaches us to learn from past experiences instead of shutting them down. Only by doing this we expand our awareness and grow spiritually. 

‘Experience leads to wisdom’

Although the nautilus keeps growing while maturing it is always connected to its central point

That teaches us that the more we grow and evolve the more centred we are and always come back to our centre. 

The beauty of the nautilus medicine teaches us to remain beautiful but not being vain but being aware of our environment, it is a natural inside beauty and not an external beauty created by fakeness and vanity. 

It is based on natural and organic nature. 

Nautilus medicine teaches how to blend well with our surroundings and preserve our centre.

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