Open Edition.

Paper: Somerset Textured

Paper size: 37 X 29cm


  • Original Prints vs. Reproduction Prints

    An original print indicates that the print is of the original medium that the artist created the work in. For example, a photograph printed is an original print. Any type of printmaking is an original print (intaglio, monoprint, etc). A work of art created digitally on a computer and printed out is also an original print.

    Original prints are valued as collectible as any other artistic medium.

    A reproduction print indicates that the print is not the original medium of the artwork. For example, a photograph of a painting or drawing which is then printed out as an edition is considered a “reproduction” of the original artwork, and not artwork itself.

    Reproduction prints have a far lower value; the Wikipedia article on editions explains that reproduction prints are “essentially in the same category as a picture in a book or magazine, though better printed and on better paper.”