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“I attach deep meaning to the appearance of the Robin in my life.
Apart from being a universal symbol of change, growth, and renewal, it always shows up when I need support and courage.”
-Lize Krüger
Photo of Lize Krüger

The relationship between Lize and the robin is parallel to the relationship between the beholder and her art.


Lize Krüger has the ability to evoke emotion with every brushstroke. Her artwork invites the spectator to realize that something fragile can, in truth, hold so much power.


Loss, mental health, and abuse are at the forefront of Lize's artwork. She manages to transform delicate subjects into the divine. Her work reminds us that vulnerability should be embraced and cherished.  


And so, the work you behold becomes a symbol of change, growth, and renewal.


by Christiaan Diedericks, fellow artist, printer, educator and consultant

I have known Lize Krüger for many years not only as a respected artist but also as a close friend.


Majoring in painting in her final year at the University of the North West in South Africa towards her BA(FA) degree, the artist predominantly created exquisite, complex, large-scale oil paintings on canvas. Currently, Krüger’’s creative work mainly investigates social injustice and/or mental health and puts the vulnerability of the human psyche and -the condition under a critical spotlight. In the light of the above, I am of the opinion that Lize is not merely an artist, she is also an activist.


Recently, I have been able to physically work alongside the artist at the London Print Studio during a two-week artist’s residency in stone lithography (2019). Stone lithography is considered by many to be one of the most challenging printmaking processes and I was astounded by the artist’s work ethic, tenacity, and will to succeed.


Krüger’s work ethic and professionalism as a prolific contemporary artist are commendable.


My professional involvement with Ms. Krüger has straddled many arts-based activities, which I will expand upon:


  • Krüger has shown on various group shows and had solo shows not only in the country of her birth South Africa, but also internationally. Despite many group exhibitions, the artist is currently working towards solo exhibitions in Lisbon, Portugal, and various Group Exhibitions in Brooklyn, New York City, USA; Vienna, and Switzerland. 

  • Each of her previous exhibitions in South Africa has been well planned, impeccably curated and very well received. In addition to the marketing of her exhibitions, she often sought her own exposure and sponsorship of items such as printing, event planning, and catering. These shows were well received and also sold well within a competitive marketplace.


  • Lize successfully manages her own studio close to London in Horsham, England.

  • After the tragic loss of her son and brother, the artist is not afraid to tackle the rarely spoken about reality of suicide. Her work could be described as art as activism and is never without a meaningful solid concept.


  • The artist has always been a meticulous painter and has often pushed the boundaries of contemporary painting in South Africa and internationally, for example by overlaying sheets of Plexiglass on top of her canvas and in doing so, creating layered works with incredible depth and conceptual strength. Lize is fearless and no issue is too “sacred” for the artist to tackle. Lize’s skill and investigation of her subject matter is highly commendable, which has resulted in the numerous accolades referred to in her CV. Currently, Lize mainly works with new media by utilizing PROCREATE as her primary tool to create her dense and layered archival pigment prints. However, in these works, many individual elements juxtaposed in the final works are still created by her own hand. The artist is already receiving international acclaim and has been invited to show her new media works at a variety of international exhibitions.


  • I have recently been privileged to view Lize’s hugely exciting new body of work in her studio as she prepares for her solo exhibitions in Portugal and the US as stated above.


  • Ms. Krüger’s critically acclaimed commissioned project at The Lost Gardens of Heligan located near Mevagissey in Cornwall, England was not only brilliant in my opinion, but incredibly well received by the public. In Their Name: Don’t Come Here to Sleep or Slumber (2018) is a permanent installation comprising of three separate installations: The Lost Ones, The Forgotten Ones and Heligan. The installation was commissioned by Heligan to mark the close of the World War 1 Centenary.  


In addition to the above-mentioned, I have been privileged to see the artist in action when dealing with art institutions, galleries, clients, press, public and fellow artists. In all of these, she has been extremely professional, creative and personable. She has an effervescent personality and is very friendly and approachable while being knowledgeable and hugely efficient. 


Lize Krüger’s commitment to the Arts and social activism as a full-time practicing artist, is of the utmost importance in our broken world.

Christiaan Diedericks [BSc, MA (FA)]


"Lize and I met under a jewel-like blue winter sky at the heart of our gardens. The whole experience
of the day sparkled. It was one of those encounters when neither was lost for words - or for shared
understanding - for a single moment. I have never felt such certain trust in a commission… but this
was only one of the numerous responsibilities Lize had already taken on, drawing on her own experience
in her artistic expressions of the tragedies of others. She has the gift of substantiating loss in diverse
pieces riven both with raw emotion and exquisite beauty, pioneering a range of materials and
techniques that might amplify the expression of shocking human trauma. Her mission through
innovative creativity is to discover what lies deep in the soul; to give flight to pain."

-Candy Smit
The Lost Gardens of Heligan

 United Kingdom

"Lize Krüger ~ een van ons top kunstenaars ~ wat woon in Brittanje ~ praat oor haar werk ~ temas wat sosiale kommentaar lewer. Sy bemoei haar met ernstige onderwerpe soos selfdood, geestelike gesondheidskwessies, kindermishandeling, verkragting, die vlugteling-kwessie en Covid-19. Wat ‘n brawe kunstenaar en wat ‘n ongelooflike denkproses wat in elke werk ingaan. Lees gerus. Baie geluk, Lize. Jy inspireer my."

-Marguerite van Wyk

"As a fellow artist, I had the great privilege of opening one of Lize Krüger’s art exhibitions. Her art filled the space and transformed it into something ethereal.
She filled all the rooms with a kaleidoscope of emotion and colour that swept me away. She has the ability to express the most complex and intimate subjects on so many levels, making the intangible tangible.
Subjects that most artists shy away from, with honesty and integrity that touch the viewer in their gut.... I was riveted by them.
I was awed by her technical brilliance. Her use and blending of multiple techniques were so original, so thought-provoking. Full of interest and excitement.
Having mastered her technical skill she is able to manipulate and express many layers of emotion.
Simonides, the 500 BC Greek poet, said: “Painting is silent poetry”.
Indeed all her “poems” have stayed with me. Tender and touching poems."

-Sheila Jarvis

 Visual Artist

 South Africa

"Lize Krüger’s work invites the viewer to join a beautiful and chaotic journey into the human soul and psyche. Each of Lize's aesthetic choices ignites the courage to look into fear's eyes and discover hope and the beauty of existence and nature itself."

-Tammy Mike Laufer

Founder / Editor / Curator / Editor

of the 44DEGREES Online Art Magazine and Gallery

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