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(Integrated Art / Mixed Media / Digital Collage)


The original meaning of this term is to combine more than one form of art, also known as “interdisciplinary art”.

The gist of integrated art in the digital world is merging two or more media to achieve one piece of art. 

I will for instance make use of a combination of traditional methods and new media.

The process of digital collage is a complicated one and will require particular skills to fulfil the criteria under its operation.

In this type of art, there is a lesser influence of restrictions on the digital environment rather than conventional mediums.

The artist has immense control over how they want the outcome to look. 

The artist is still fully involved, including planning the concept,  subject, colour combination, etc. 


Integral and digital arts is not living separately from other forms of traditional and applied arts. It is actually an extension of these arts that uses computer software and hardware to create original artwork.

It is not necessary to compare these forms of art if you realise that they are actually part of each other and follow the same art concepts. However, they are not competing with each other, and digital arts will not put an end to traditional art methods, because they simply complete and complement each other. 


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