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First published in the M.A.D.S Art Gallery Catalogue for the PHÌLO-POÈM

International Contemporary Art Exhibition

Lize Krüger


Lize Krüger is a  digital artist with an incredible artistic experience. The theme of surrealism in the artist's works is constant,  the combination of  completely different elements  makes Lize able to create unique works. At  the international art exhibition  "Phìlo-Poèm"  she exhibits three works with clear assonance with the world of surrealism, Pop Art and the European avant-garde. "GIVE THE FLOWERS IN TIME ..." seems to be a representation  inspired  by an avant-garde vision of the works of Raoul Hausmann. There is a strong contrast between the black background and pastel colors, in stark contrast  also with the use  of  bones,  in  this case  a  pelvis bone, which have always played an emblematic role in  the history of  art. In  the work "GIVE  THE FLOWERS IN  TIME  ..."  the element of  the human body used represents the center of the anatomical  space, it is what supports the body, the element that allows the body to move, thanks to the legs. In the history of both ancient and modern art, the use of bones is aimed at representing the volatility of life. The viewer feels dropped into a vortex of contrasting emotions, from anguish to the serenity given by the flowers and soft colors."EXPLORING MY  RESILIENCE I"  has  the skull  as   its  central element,  although its position is in the background emerges in the work of art, there is also a heart, a butterfly and a model in a position  that can be traced back to a dance step, they fill the work. The skull, in a specific way, represents the brevity of human life, but not only that, the skull would also have an important function as  an amulet. In this work we perceive the need to live intensely  as an alternative to death, an affirmation of being, of rebirth, of resilience, infact. "THE  DAY  HIS HEART AND  MIND  BROKE AT THE  SAME TIME  II"  has  the heart as  its repetitive element, the organ representing  life and passion,  par excellence. Bright red, the heart is the symbol of feelings and emotions, positioned above the young man in a position  of relaxation or passion, but also sadness, restlessness.  LIZE KRÜGER's works tell human emotions,  the story of feelings,  and lead the viewer to relive them, together with the protagonists of the works.



Art Curator Martina Viesti



Lize Krüger



Lize Krüger



Lize Krüger

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